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About Zechariah

Not the usual boy

Zechariah was special and unique. We constantly need to figure out how to sustain his interest in academics as he shuts off during any classroom learning, be it in school or tuition classes.

In 2017, when he was 8yrs, we asked him “Why must you always make mummy worry, why can’t you do better?” He replied, “this is my lifestyle”. And we asked again what do you mean by your lifestyle? He replied, “This is my life and this is my style.”

That was the turning point where we realised we needed to give Zechariah options. He will learn to lead his own life and that is why he enjoyed everything he did, this lead him to learn better and was happier too. That was when we discover Score Campus, a place where he played, learned, and strived in everything he did.

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Score Campus - His 2nd home

Lower primary school kids, secondary school teenagers, it doesn’t matter the age.. these are friends that Zechariah hangs out, play and learn together. Zech mentored the younger kids (primary 2 - 5) and was mentored by the older ones. (We know kids learn best with their peers) This is the place he nurtured and built his independence.

Zech looked forward to school holidays, not because he does not have to wake up early for school. In fact, he had to wake up as early as 6am for physical training followed by other activities during camp.


Zech had build his independence after his first 10 days of overseas camp in Malaysia without the parents. Zech could run the entire campus even when the coaches are not around. That was how much he build his independence and leadership. Zech had never missed a Score Campus session.

Zech's favorite songs created just for his study time


Goals Zechariah set for 2020 during his 2019 camp:


The last 10 days

24.08.2020 (Mon) - 02.09.2020 (Wed)


Days in KKH ICU...

He had a painful headache on 24th August 2020 at 4am. His dad went to take a Panadol, but zech did not respond when he returned to the room. His eyes had rolled backward, and his heart was beating very fast. That was when we had to rush him to A&E. While at A&E, the medical team are unable to find his pulse, and he needed to be resuscitated.

A CT scan was done, and they found that there was a tumour in his brain. The brain was also swollen due to tumour. The A&E team Immediately drilled a hole in his skull to relieve the pressure and place him on an induced coma. His condition was unstable and at that point was already on life support.

His condition need to stabilise before an MRI can be done on him.

All net proceeds to be donated to:


Medulloblastoma Posterior Fossa Tumour
The diagnose was a Grade 4 *Posterior Fossa Tumour with a high possibility of it being Medulloblastoma (Brain Cancer). Zechairah death was caused by tumour haemorrhage, leading to brain death and cardiac arrest. The tumour was deduce as aggressive without symptoms and passed on peacefully 10 days later.


Zechariah has quoted 2 weeks before his death, “You can wonder on everything in life but it is the beautiful things in life that you must admire. You may not live long but life is just a wonder.” Zech loves people, he want all those around him to admire the beautiful things in life they deserve.

* Posterior Fossa Tumour are form near the bottom of the skull, by the brainstem and cerebellum. This small area controls movement, coordination, and vital body functions such as breathing.

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